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Hello Producer/Grower,

More seed companies are branding their seed. When you order a brand, this means
it could be one or more of different varieties. If it is sold as a late maturing, then the
variety (s) in the bag will all be late maturing. As a rule, I generally try to know what
varieties make up the brand, if I am selling it.

One can increase the NDFD of the forage by simply including a new late maturing variety
of cool season grass in with your alfalfa, and then harvesting before the grass heads out.

It appears that planting 2 or more varieties of alfalfa together can increase the stand
density and yield. I am recommending that you try it for some of your new seeding.

Masters Choice corn varieties did very well at the World Forage Superbowl. These
varieties have been very good on the quality, and yields for corn silage.

Most organic alfalfa and clover seed will be coated with Apex Green, Nitro-coat Organic,
or a similar OMRI listed organically approved coating. That is just the way the
seed suppliers have been heading. A few varieties may be available inoculated only.

Again this year, elite varieties of Certified Organic alfalfa will be in short supply.
However, plenty of conventional, Non-GMO verified, varieties will be available. Most will
be coated with Apex Green seed coating.

BMR Sudan, Sorghum X Sudan, and Forage Sorghum are increasing in use. These
summer annuals can give you another option for forage that is highly digestible and
high in plant sugars, and very palatable to the livestock.

Thank you for your business.

Mike Plucinski

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