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Hello Producer/Grower,

  • Thin Hay Stands? If the stand is older and you want to keep it, you can drill in 5-10# of a good Red Clover. If only keeping stand for a year, you can drill in some Italian Ryegrass, Berseem Clover or BMRSorgXSudan or BMR Sudan. The Sudans work best in thin stands without a lot of grass in them.
  • If harvesting corn for silage, consider further reducing your risk by planting some of the quality BMR Forage Sorghums from Alta Seeds. While needing a little less nitrogen then corn, Forage Sorghum will do well on 1/3 less water. It also tolerates the dry periods much better.
  •  A good late maturing grass is beneficial in your hay stands. It will boost tonnage, and when harvested correctly provides highly digestible forage that is good for your cows rumen. It will make your dry hay softer and more palatable. Choose only the best, latest maturing varieties.
  • Consider using winter grains taken as forage (early spring) in part of your rotation so as to take advantage of winter moisture.

Of note this year:

  • Forage Sorghums:  Alta Seeds offers BMR 6 Brachytic Dwarf Forage Sorghums in early maturity ranges.
  • Masters Choice Corn: Has consistently performed well during a couple of very tough growing conditions. In some cases it has tested as good as BMR varieties for corn silage. If you haven’t tried any for corn silage or grain, it would be worth it to try a couple bags and see how it does for you.

Pricing:  As you will note, many of the prices on alfalfas, clovers, and grasses have gone up. One contributing factor is that land used to grow seed, also has to compete with other cash crops in some areas.

I will have some seed in stock this year : Alfalfas, Clovers, Grasses, and other seed. These can be picked up in Monroe. Call for arrangements. It is still best to order ahead of time if you can.

Thank you for you business last growing season,  and I wish you well this growing season.

Mike Plucinski

For prices, please download the 2015 Seed Catalog or go to the Seeds page.

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